Every morning i go shopping for the freshest, seasonal and local ingredients for my kitchen.

This is where the inspiration comes from. We offer surprise menu’s from 3 to 8 courses.

Of course if you need to know, i can explain the menu’s and dishes to you, so that you feel safer. But most guests trust me!

Alternatively, you can see our CLASSICS page on this website and pre-order your favourite CLASSIC dish.

I select the wine / food pairings myself, so that they are perfectly in balance.

Let us know if you are on a time schedule. Visiting the theatre, or cinema, or catching a train. We are very efficient at looking after you within a specific time period.

Otherwise relax and enjoy the whole evening with us, the table is yours for the entire evening.

Do you have certain dietary restrictions?

Let us know, we have extensive experience in all allergy and dietary restrictions. For instance:

Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut, sesame, shellfish allergies. Lactose free, Gluten free, No eggs, Sugar free, Salt free. ALL WELCOME & SAFE TO DINE.

We hope that our motto, “Guests walk in, Friends walk out!”  provides you with a memorable and happy dining experience @ Le Courage


 Order a birthday cake with candles………from €15,00

Diner menus

3 courses surprise menu                   € 35,00

4                                                                   € 40,00

5                                                                   € 45,00

6                                                                   € 50,00

7                                                                   € 55,00

8  ‘tasting’                                            € 60,00

Wijn arrangements

3 courses wine arrangement            € 15,00

4                                                                 € 20.00

5                                                                  € 25.00

6                                                                  € 30.00

7                                                                  € 33.00

8  proeverij                                            € 38.00

example: 4 course dinner menu 

Ceviche of Sea scallops and Salmon / lime / chilli / black quinoa / Wasabi 

Bourride fish soup from the Provence / cod / sea bass / skate wings / mussels / garlic aioli

Irish beef fillet / roasted shallots / lemon thyme / asparagus / shimeji / truffle

“Eton Mess” Strawberry fields forever


Selection of 5 European cheeses 

Happy Cooking!

Nigel Hitches / Le Binh Huynh

Le Courage: Guests walk in, Friends walk out!