Nigel Hitches

Born 1965: Stratford upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon Hotelschool 1981 – 1983

Numerous one & two Michelin restaurants in UK

Hilton International 1987 – 2001

London Hilton on Park Lane (Hilton-Flag ship) junior sous chef, executive chef fine dining, executive sous chef, executive chef

executive chef Hilton Jerusalem (opening team)

executive chef Hilton Malta (opening team)

executive chef Hilton Istanbul

executive chef Hilton Copenhagen (opening team)

after 9/11/2001 moved to Maastricht

Since august 2004 patron-cuisinier restaurant Le Courage

For further information here is an in-depth interview with CHAPEAU MAGAZINE


Le Courage

“An intimate restaurant, run by a creative English Chef”

“This intimate restaurant, with its small terrace and fresh flowers, and excellent kitchen, is an ideal location for lunch, Traditional English afternoon Tea or Dinner , suitable for any occasion.

Happy Cooking!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.


Nigel Hitches / Le Binh Huynh
Le Courage: Guests walk in, Friends walk out!